Innovative Belt Cleaning Systems

The genuine need for a solution to carryback in the material handling industry was the primary driving force behind the invention of the 1C Belt Cleaner more than three decades ago. Though belt cleaning systems may be a small part of a mining operation, the ability to eliminate carryback is a critical job.

Relief from carryback issues means equipment is spared, work areas are safer and clear of debris and product and waste are kept in their place. More broadly, production goals can be kept in focus without the distraction of excessive carryback.

What makes Richwood Belt Cleaning Systems so reliable? Richwood Belt Cleaners incorporate many advances that make it exceptionally robust: heavy-duty, made in USA components, an adaptable design that allows it to be configured for a wide variety of applications, a range of blade shapes and media to fit the needs of the conveyor, and engineering and technical support.

Many years later, the innovative design still stands out among belt cleaners. But it is the reliable performance that secures its place as a trusted partner of the bulk material handling industry. When the immediate return on investment is a clean and dry return belt, the choice is clear. Rely on Richwood!

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