Prevent Belt Misalignment and Tracking Problems Before They Begin

Costly damage caused by belt misalignment can be a common problem. Richwood’s ON-Track® Belt Tracking Idler is the preventative solution.

Conventional training idlers are designed to react to changes in the path of belt travel after belt misalignment, and sometimes damage, has already occurred. These designs set up a constant battle allowing the belt to “walk” from side to side and trying to correct after the fact.

The ON-Track® prevents belt misalignment from occurring, ending the constant back and forth of misaligned belting and potential costly damage to belting and conveyor structure.

ON-Track® cradles the belt to maintain consistent belt travel in the correct path. The gentle tension applied to both sides of the belt naturally causes it to find equilibrium, keeping it in the right place.

The smooth radius multi-roll design will not damage the belt edge as it operates without pivots, swivel bearings or edge guide rollers that can seize and risk additional belt damage.  Where traditional belt “trainers” fail, the ON-Track® solves the problem of belt misalignment before it starts.