Worry-free Protection for Impact Areas

The operations of bulk material handling facilities can be vast and varied. With so many aspects to oversee, a frequently asked question is: What costs can be managed and where can efficiency improvements be found?

One area that can be optimized is the conveyor load zone.  An improperly designed load zone can be a source of lost product, damaged components, environmental and safety hazards, and a housekeeping headache.

These issues can be fixed. A properly designed load zone can solve these persistent problems and provide an alternative that frees up your time, your maintenance staff and your budget.

Richwood designs application specific load zone solutions for bulk material handling clients in all kinds of environments and severity levels from light duty to extreme duty.  Each application is specifically evaluated to determine the best recommendation for effective material handling at the lowest possible cost per ton.

Load zone application requirements can range from simple belt impact protection using Impact Saddles® and Cushion Arc® Impact Idlers to complete material and dust containment employing belt profiling, support, skirtboards, custom sealing arrangements and passive dust control systems.  

Each application is unique but when the load zone system is specified and built by Richwood, the one thing they all have in common is a real return on investment. Optimal conveyor efficiency with measurable results is clearly proven in cost per ton and cost of ownership wherever Richwood Systems are installed.

Rely on Richwood - for proven solutions, expert advice and worry-free conveyor load zones.

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