Wear Linings

Eliminate abrasion problems and reduce maintenance costs

Custom fit approach

With Richwood's Rock Flex and Rock Plate Custom Wear Liners we can solve your most difficult wear problems.

Wear Linings

Canoe Liners®

Rock Flex and Rock Plate Canoe Liners for bulk material containment.

Rock Flex® Wear Liners

Depend on the strength of Rock Flex Rubber Linings for maximum impact and wear protection.

Rock Plate Rubber Ceramic Matrix

Our rubber ceramic combination provides optimal wear life in your most abrasive applications.

Richwood is committed to your 100% satisfaction. Original Richwood parts and accessories ensure best performance and the Richwood quality you have come to rely on.

All Richwood products and parts are manufactured in Huntington, W.V. USA. Richwood does not license any of its products for manufacture by any other organization. For complete warranty coverage, insist on genuine Richwood replacement parts and blades.